Souvenirs from the shop 

To finish off a wonderful time at YHA Castleton, we have spent some time at the shop, buying something to remember our wonderful educational visit!

13 thoughts on “Souvenirs from the shop 

  1. Looks like you’ve all had a fantastic time, who won the battle? Did you enjoy your lunch? Can’t wait to see you all so you can tell us all about your adventures! Have a safe journey back, love Y3’s


  2. I feel it is important to say a big thank you to all involved making this trip happen, Evan has had a great time and I really appreciate this x


  3. Izzy has had a great time and has a great big smile on her face every time she tells us something new about it all. Thank you to everyone who made it all happen and for making it such an amazing experience for her. X


    1. We are so pleased with the children’s positive feedback and their fantastic attitude to learning throughout the entire trip! Now I’m sure everyone will be relaxing and reenergising after such a busy two days 🙂
      Miss Towell x


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