10 thoughts on “Time for dinner

  1. Mmmmm mmmm dinner looks yummy. Hope you ate it all up Erin.
    Get a good nights sleep sweetheart, you’ll need it for your fun packed day tomorrow.
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses mummy and daddy. Xxxxxx


  2. Hope you enjoyed your dinner Drew. Beau and Izzy send you their love and hope you are having an amazing time!!


  3. We’ll done Misba. It looks like you have eaten up all your tea (and your pudding). You must be tired from your challenges today. I hope you get a good night sleep and that you are full of energy for tomorrow’s adventure.

    Lots of hugs and kisses from Alesha and Mummy. Goodnight sweetie.

    P.S. Alesha can’t sleep without you. She misses you alot x x


  4. Everyone looks happy especially the teachers . Should I be worried Ellena s on the teachers table ? Jake & Ellena dinner looks yummy love you both xx Mum, Dad& Issy xx


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