Only 3 days to go!

It is only a few more days until Year 3’s first residential at Herringthorpe Junior School!

We are all so excited for our visit to Castleton and can’t wait to share this amazing experience with you on the blog!

The children have chosen their evening meals today in class and we are sure you will be busy at home packing everything your child needs for this adventure so we have sent home another packing list as a reminder!

Thank you

Mr Williams, Miss Brewin and Miss Towell


8 thoughts on “Only 3 days to go!

  1. Drew can’t wait for her first residential, she is so excited!!!! She says that she is going to miss us lots though! It isn’t putting her off going I would add! She is all packed and ready for the morning.


  2. hope you all have a great time. baileys been very excited about going on his trip. Can’t wait for you to come home and tell us about all the fun you’ve had 🙂


  3. Dear Christopher and Thomas!! Hello from Adelaide, Australia My Darlings!! Missing you, have a wonderful time, all my love Deor xxxxxxxx


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